Available Work

Marilyn VII, acrylic on canvas. $1800

    Marilyn VII, acrylic on canvas.

A Cuppa, 24×24 acrylic on canvas. 2018

Under the Hat, acrylic on canvas stretched on a piano concave frame. 16×20

Pach 9, acrylic on canvas, 36×36

An Alley in Cuzco, acrylic on canvas 30×40

Bull with the Durham, NC flag colors, in front of an early 1900’s map of the city. 2018

Rerouting is part of my ART-obiography series. Acrylic on Canvas, 16×63 2018

Dance Pose II, acrylic on canvas, 17×20, 2018

Angela Davis standing in front of the First Amendment.


Blackwell’s Durham Tobacco Co., acrylic on canvas. 16×16



Selfie, 40×40, acrylic on canvas.

Complex Angles

Complex Angles, acrylic on canvas

Flamenco Moon

Flamenco Moon, acrylic on canvas


Rt. 5 Box 130, Acrylic on canvas, 18×25




Untitled, 50×72 acrylic on canvas


The Piano Bench

The Piano Bench, pen and Ink on board framed with glass. 24×36

Above the Clouds: The Peacock Plateau

Above the Clouds: The Peacock Plateau. A surreal look at the kinds of things, that may go on above the clouds.

The Mental Escape of the Restrained Ego, acrylic on canvas, 29×42,

The Acts 4:19-20, acrylic on canvas,


High Chair, 2008

High Chair, acrylic on canvas 30×40, $3200 2008



Amoeba acrylic on canvas

The Sectoral Heterochromia of Fraternal Twins

The Sectoral Heterochromia of Fraternal Twins

Under the Covers, acrylic on canvas

Under the Covers, acrylic on canvas


5 thoughts on “Available Work

  1. Very nice meeting and talking with you this morning. Look forward to keeping up with you and your work…really like the simone piece in the gallery.
    Hope our paths cross soon.
    Kelly “Marvin Gaye” owner

  2. Darius,
    My husband and I really enjoy your paintings. We were in Pleiades a few weeks ago and really liked (loved!!!!!!!) your Durham piece with the Bull and the water tower. Is that one still available? I was hoping to surprise my husband for our anniversary.

    • Hello Mrs. Jarrett and I’m so sorry for the delay. That particular piece isn’t available anymore but I can have one done for you if you like. Just let me know and you can email me directly at quarlesartdesign@hotmail.com, sometimes i have issues with notifications through my site. Darius

  3. Hello….I am a friend of Todd’s at Oval Park Grille. Your work is amazing! One day I hope to be able afford a piece but in the interim, I will stare at Todd’s walls. in awe of your phenomenal talent.

    All the best!

    • Thanks so much and any friend of Todd’s is a friend of mine. Perhaps I’ll see you in there one day and thanks so much. Darius

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