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Born and raised in Louisa, Virginia, Darius’ dreams of becoming an artist began as a little boy.  At the early age of 5, he would go outside and find himself studying the lines between the trees and clouds.  Once he would come  back inside, Darius would transform those visions into small sketches on paper.  After high school, Darius joined the US Navy but in his free time would still sketch and draw.  After serving in the US Navy, Darius studied color theory at the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA and after various jobs decided to pursue his dream.

In 2006, he started his own business now known as Virginia Henry’s, formerly Quarles Art & Design. He recently decided to change the name in honor of his grandparents, Clyde Henry and Adeline Virginia Quarles.   Darius’ works can be found in a myriad of doctor’s offices and private homes throughout the United States.  He has participated in hundreds of art shows and festivals.   He produces over 200 original pieces per year which includes murals and various art. He recently joined a gallery collective in Durham called Pleiades Gallery located at 109 E. Chapel Hill St which features his work as well as the works of nine other artists around the Triangle.

Darius lives and works in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Chastity and their four children Noah, Kenai, Jonah and Lyric. 

6 thoughts on “Darius Quarles’ Biography

  1. I love your art work. I’m also an artist who like painting people. You are definitely one of my favorite artists.

    Keep following your art.

    • Thanks so much Connie and I’m sorry this response is 4 months late, please forgive who knows how I can’t navigate my site. See you soon, Darius

  2. I am truly touched by your artwork showing the struggle of being from Africa in coming into the American struggle where anything is possible and where doors open for some in close for many beautiful touching work the Lady Day painting makes me cry so beautiful but you are her struggle in her eyes you really capture it

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